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Lint Labs is the non-music division of miniMusic; the same great team that brought a wide range of award winning music tools to Palm handheld computers and phones and now to the iPhone, iPod and iPad. We have over ten years of experience developing for portable devices with an emphasis on elegant and useful design.

Our first product, No.2 Pencil, was one of the first 600 apps in the App Store. While everyone else copied the finger painting examples Apple included with the developer tools, we invented a new way to draw on a touch screen to overcome the serious limitations of finger painting.

No.2 Pencil was born from an older project for the Palm OS platform. That older project was focused on bringing better zooming and scrolling to drawing on the older stylus-based "mono-touch" mobile computers.

The lead designer at Lint Labs is Chad Mealey. He brings a wide range of new ideas to each project with his diverse background in Graphic Design, Traditional Animation, Neural Networks, Environmental Science and Education. And if you send us any questions, he's probably the one who will help you!